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cross-posted from my journal... sorry if you see this twice!

I did it.

I finally did it.

When I put ALGR on hiatus months ago, I thought I'd never pick it up again. I felt bad about that, but there was no use working on it if I wasn't feeling it anymore.

So, on one not-so-special day, meaning today, Shay bothered me about it, and I decided to sit down and work on it.

And a few hours later, it's done. Not the shiny polished online version that's listed as my website on LJ, but the raw version in my sketchbook. And that's enough for me. I feel proud now. I rarely complete things, and I did this.

I know my story now. It was a story about letting go. That's all there is to it. Letting go of all the pain in your life, of all the rejection and heartbreak and ultimately, letting go of EVERYTHING for the sake of the one you hold most dear. Some things are never lost, and some people never let go. This was a story that lived through an important time in my life, this was a lesson I had to learn.

And now I have learned it, and this story is completed. :)

Please don't bother me about the website right now, I have ideas for that as well. I no longer have the time to maintain a webcomic, but I would be willing to scan my raws (and tweak them), if that would appease everyone. :)

Would you guys like that? I mean, it's better than nothing.
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